[pb_row ][pb_column span="span12"][pb_accordion el_title="Why" initial_open="0" multi_open="yes" filter="no" appearing_animation="0" ][pb_accordion_item heading="Why do companies use Macenna instead of hiring on their own?" icon="" tag="" ]

Companies hire through Macenna for various reasons but the most common are as follows:

  • They are in a hurry and need immediate help. They don’t have time to advertise and wait for resumes to come in. Macenna has a database full of resumes and people ready to go within hours. Have you sent yours?
  • Some companies have reduced their staff and no longer have the expertise or time to look after the hiring. Macenna can do it for them, quickly and efficiently.
  • When we experience a slow economy many companies will hire contract employees to get them through a busy period. If they remain busy and you prove to be good employee they may decide to hire you. If you get hired we are extremely pleased because it means we’ve done a great job of matching you with a good employer!

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="What does it cost me to get a job through Macenna?" icon="" tag="" ]

If you are looking for work it won’t cost you a cent! Our clients (the companies hiring) pay us a fee to provide the hiring services for them. Your hourly rate of pay is determined at the start of your employment and you get paid every two weeks. We pay according to Employment Standards so you don’t need to worry about anyone cheating you out of your hard earned money.

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="Can I find a permanent job through Macenna?" icon="" tag="" ]

Yes, some companies use our services to recruit for permanent jobs with them. Sometimes they will offer you employment right away and sometimes they may ask us to hold the contract for you for a period of time before hiring you. Each company has their own preference but a huge number of positions either turn into direct hire or long-term contract with our clients.

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="How does your service work?" ]

When we offer you employment you are an employee of Macenna Staffing Services. We pay you an hourly rate of pay (plus vacation pay) and make the usual deductions for CPP, EI and taxes so you never have to worry about taxes. We also pay statutory holidays when you qualify.

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="What happens when I send my resume to Macenna?" icon="" tag="" ]

We look at all of the resumes that come in to our office. (email , website, fax or in person).

  • You are welcome to send your resume even if we don’t have a position open that you are interested in. We prefer your resume in “word” format and sent by email and we will acknowledge that it’s been received. We will keep your resume on file and you may get a call from us once in awhile with questions regarding your availability and skills.
  • If you apply for a particular job and you have the qualifications your resume will be sent to the client. If the client selects you for an interview we will then contact you with further information.
  • If you do not have the skills needed for the job your resume will go into our files and/or our database and you will be considered for other positions as they come up.
  • If you are applying for an administrative position we may contact you for further information regarding your skills and possibly to set up a general interview with you at our office.

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="How long will you keep my resume active?" icon="" tag="" ]

We will keep your resume active in our database until you call and let us know that you’ve found work and wish to have it removed. We do receive a lot of resumes and as much as we would like to stay in touch with we are unable to contact you on a regular basis. You can provide an update or new resume whenever you like though. Especially if you have new work experience or training.

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="What information do you look for on a resume?" icon="" tag="" ]

Please refer to our resume tips  in the Tips for Job Seekers section of our website.

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="Do I need to apply for every job posted on job boards and your website?" icon="" tag="" ]

No, once you have sent your resume it is considered for any jobs that come up.

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="Do you hire sub-contractors?" icon="" tag="" ]

Yes, we do hire sub-contract operators for some companies. Please send us your resume with details of your experience and preferences.

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="Are all of your jobs temporary?" icon="" tag="" ]

A lot of the jobs we hire for turn into permanent hire with the client after a period of time. Sometimes in a few months and other times it can be a few years. Of course, it depends on the client. Temporary positions are less frequent than long-term.

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="What type of jobs and positions do you normally fill?" icon="" tag="" ]

We hire for a variety of skills and positions from office to field, including camp cooks and cleaners. We have jobs in BC and Alberta, mostly the northern parts of both provinces. Positions such as: Warehouse, shipping and receiving, general labour, parts desk, field operators, plant operators, various trades including mechanical, electrical and instrumentation. Office personnel and field, clerks.

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="Why do you interview and do skills assessments for office positions?" icon="" tag="" ]

We like to get to know our candidates and because we fill so many office positions we feel it is important to get to know you and your work preferences. Our positions vary from basic entry level to advanced skills. By conducting skills assessments such as windows, word, excel and typing we are better able to place you in a position that fits your ability. There is no pass or fail and basic computer skills are quite often good enough! Come in and speak with the staff at Macenna and get to know them a little better. Bring your resume with you!



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Locally owned and operated in Fort St. John, BC, Macenna Staffing Services has over 30 years experience in business administration and is connected with the North Peace workforce market.

We also offer oilfield operator Camp Services.